Vero, a Connected Factory Participant at GLOBAL INDUSTRIe 2018

As well as presenting the latest features in a number of its manufacturing solutions at the GLOBAL INDUSTRIe 2018 exhibition in Paris, Vero Software is also a principal participant in the 'Connected Factory,' the star event there.

The GLOBAL INDUSTRIe exhibition combines the Industrie, Midest, Tolerie and Smart Industrie trade fairs in Paris from March 27 – 30, and provides the ‘Connected Factory’ event.  This is a 1,000 square metre connected factory, representing a functional production line involving sectors of activity from the four different trade fairs. Vero Software will be one of the participants in the Connected Factory.

The latest 2018 releases of WorkNC, VISI, WorkXplore, WorkPLAN and Edgecam will feature on the Vero stand - F110 in Hall 5A - with presentations by expert technicians on the stand, along with four presentations on the exhibition’s big screen.

Vero will also present Vero EDGECAM | Designer, its new CAD engineering software application specially designed for preparing parts for machining.  Vero EDGECAM | Designer is described as a genuine link between CAD and CAM. This powerful system allows users to modify and repair geometries imported from third-party CAD systems for machining preparation purposes, in line with specific requirements of CAM programmers.

Also on the stand, a Staubli Robot cell will be driven by the new WorkNC Robot module. The current version of WorkNC CAM integrates a module for 'off-line' programming of robot cells, covering the full range of toolpath strategies (2, 3, 3+2 and 5-axis simultaneous) for machining, edge hardening, welding and polishing operations. Thanks to its easy to use and intuitive user interface, it offers simple, quick and precise programming features to produce simple or complex toolpaths for all types of materials and machines. It includes all the required tools for cell virtualization: tool magazine, rotating table, and safety barriers for collision detection.

Vero Software is one of the companies who has joined the French Fab. An innovative industry, an exporter with an open approach to future developments offered by digitization, new technologies and the green economy.

Vero Software :  Hall 5A Booth F110 along with Hexagon


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